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  • Light!

    Kasey finds a way to light up the aetherstone! It’s only taken 9 episodes. Well, 7 really, since she didn’t find the aetherstone until episode 3. Unfortunately, things have gotten complicated, and that timeline for Bad Things ™ happening? It’s sped up a bit. In this episode, Kasey not only finds a way to light […]


  • Outside


    In which Kasey James continues to explore The Bridge House, meets a creature made almost entirely out of bugs and teeth, and is invited to come and retrieve a friend from the Dreamlands. The title may be misleading, Kasey doesn’t actually go outside in this episode. She just begins to wonder what exactly is outside […]


  • Vodnik


    Vodniki – or creatures very much like them – feature once again in this next episode of Neophile: The Bridge House. After all, what else would you expect to find in the basement conservatory, complete with pools of water choked with water lilies and potted trees stretching up towards the growlights…? Arial returns this episode, […]


  • Thorns and Flowers

    Thorns and Flowers

    Episode 6 is live! Our first meeting with Arial, a recurring character (voiced by Michele Ong) who will be very important in Kasey’s future adventures. There’s distinct potential for her to inhabit a spaceship later on, although having a fourth-dimensional eldritch horror for a spaceship AI seems like it could have interesting consequences. In the […]