The Seven Hundred and Seventy Stairs


A hidden chapel, sunken into the stone and dirt of the woods, containing only darkness and sentient bees. Or does it contain more? Kasey really would like to know, and preferably not by finding out the hard way.

Ideally, she wouldn’t have to find seven hundred and seventy stairs to descend first either, but.. well. You know how it goes, when eldritch beings give you advice. Who can you trust when reality keeps shifting under you? And who is Deacon, anyway?

This episode features guest vocals from Michele Ong (as Arial) and Jonathan Durnford (as Deacon), and also a sentient hive of bees (well, not really, but still). Hope you enjoy.

For those who are enjoying the story, our lovely writer, Danielle Linder is having a book launch for her third novel on January 22nd, in Perth, Western Australia. The book launch will be hosted at GenghisCon 2023 – please do come along if you’re in town.

Episode 14: Phosphorescence