Draconum’s first Kickstarter!


Ah, the joys of technology. This update was meant to go out on May 2nd, but for reasons which are not clear to anyone here, it failed to do so. Better late than never, though…

We have a new project, live (currently live, with 2 days to go – but there will be a preorder store open for late pledges as well) on Kickstarter! The Yarthe Campaign Setting is an entire world, an alternate history version of Earth…

What would the world look like if sailing ships and spice-trading caravans wended their way across the ancient world, beset by dragons and manticores, competing with fleets of faster but more expensive airships? If wizards and sorcerers researched not only from isolated towers and keeps but also from the most prestigious universities, palaces and monasteries across each continent, and adventurers roamed the wilderness, discovering and mapping strange places and the magical secrets to be found there?

campaign setting cover

That world would be Yarth, an expansive and richly detailed world full of adventure, excitement and barely imaginable dangers, a place almost like our own world, yet re-imagined into a fantastical setting. A world where where magic has made the industrial revolution possible a bit earlier than it actually happened, where city-states compete across Europa to produce the grandest artistic, magical and technological marvels, and where the newly burgeoning middle class can, for the first time, educate their children and hope for better, easier lives for them.

It is also a world where unknowable forces from outside the universe press against the fabric of reality, where cultists might summon demons if you’re lucky, or much worse things than that if you’re not. Where the Technomancers push the boundaries of magic and science to create wonders and horrors, rediscovering knowledge which has been preserved in the great universities and cities of Akebulan, down the Nile and further into the centre of that vast continent. Where dragons soar through the skies – as a playable character species – and decadent Ghost Elves plot form their cities beneath the ground, where only merfolk and sea serpents know the location of lost Atlantis, known to the Elves as their sunken homeland, Lemuria, with its magical moongate that might, if redisovered and activated, allow the dawn of a new age of technomagic – or bring ruin and alien invaders from other worlds.

Come and check out our Kickstarter, support, follow along, and share the link far and wide. After all, adventure awaits the bold…

Yarthe World Map