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  • Draconum Imprint

    We’re branching out! We now have an official imprint – which is to say, we’re not just an audio production company anymore, we’re now a publisher, in print, digital, and audio. Keep an eye on our publications page, as there will be new products coming out every few months!


  • Season 2 is live!

    The first episode – admittedly short, a teaser/trailer rather than a full episode – is up! The first full episode will drop next week, then we’ll return to our fortnightly release schedule. Season 2 is a bit longer than season 1, with 13 full episodes. Come follow Kasey James as she figures out just what […]


  • Midnight at the Bridge House

    Episode 5 of the Neophile podcast went live last week, and dear Kasey has made it to midnight. She didn’t really doubt, until this last episode, that she’d survive unti morning.. but the master bedroom was a little more harrowing than she expected. Episode 6 comes out on Aug 12, and introduces a new character. […]