Tales from Yarthe


The world of Yarthe was always intended to be one fullof stories – a place where dragons hunt the skies and seas (and become the protagonists of their own stories), where wizards and warlocks explore the fringes of magic and pirates sail the skies in airships powered by technomancer technologies and captive ghosts.

There is even an upcoming novel set in the world of Yarthe, but we won’t spoil the surprise on that front. Watch out for the book launch announcement very soon, e.t.a. July 2024.

Beyond that, there are several Yarthe-compatible supplements already available in our catalogue – such as the Fungal Warlock Patron – but now we can say that the first in a series of new adventure scenario modules has been released!

Jenny in the Mist is a standalone adventure for 2 – 6 characters of level 3 – 5, compatible with D&D 5th edition (or the Core Fantasy Roleplaying / Project Black Flag rules) or the Pathfinder (first edition) ruleset. In it, the newly formed Fringe Division Lyonesse Incident Intercision Team Alpha is sent ot investigate rumours of monsters and dark magic in and around Kerys, an allied city to Lyonesse. What they find might actually kill them if they’re not careful – expect to be chased by not-zombies, threatened by madness-inducing eldritch fog, and the possibility of encountering one fo the victims of the Incident – the point in time when some eldritch horrors from outside the universe tried ot break in.

Jenny in the Mist is available now, in digital (PDF) and print format.

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