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  • Jenny In The Mist cover image

    Tales from Yarthe

    The world of Yarthe was always intended to be one fullof stories – a place where dragons hunt the skies and seas (and become the protagonists of their own stories), where wizards and warlocks explore the fringes of magic and pirates sail the skies in airships powered by technomancer technologies and captive ghosts. There is…


  • Book Launch: In Seaglass

    In Seaglass, the 3rd volume of Danielle Linder’s Red Dragon trilogy is set to launch this February. The release date is set as Feb 15th, and the launch party will be held at the Western Australian State Library Theatre at 6.30pm on Feb 15th. This will be Ms Linder’s 5th urban fantasy novel. It is…


  • Wanna make a deal..?

    For Hallowe’en 2023, we’re releasing the new Fungal Warlock & Witch subclasses for the 4 main D20 rule systems – 5E and Kobold Press’ Core Fantasy Roleplaying (aka Project Black Flag or Tales of the Valiant), and Paizo’s Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (first edition) & Pathfinder Second Edition. This little supplement has a full subclass (a…


  • Soft Launch: The Bone Road

    The middle of winter is hibernating time – great weather to settle down in front of the heater with a hot chocolate and a book, but not such great weather for booking launch parties or venues. Due to delays on getting the final proof (we had to make a cover art adjustment, which meant sending…


  • Griffons in Pathfinder 2

    Our very first role-playing supplement is live and available for purchase: Guardian Griffons of the Tower for the Dead. This is an adventure module for 4- 6 characters of level 4, and includes Ancestry and Heritage rules for making griffon characters for Pathfinder Second Edition. It is a self-contained scenario which could be fitted into…


  • Draconum Imprint

    We’re branching out! We now have an official imprint – which is to say, we’re not just an audio production company anymore, we’re now a publisher, in print, digital, and audio. Keep an eye on our publications page, as there will be new products coming out every few months!