Soft Launch: The Bone Road


The middle of winter is hibernating time – great weather to settle down in front of the heater with a hot chocolate and a book, but not such great weather for booking launch parties or venues. Due to delays on getting the final proof (we had to make a cover art adjustment, which meant sending a new print file through and getting a new print proof sent back) and some issues finding a good venue, we are not doing a full book launch party for The Bone Road (Black Dragon book 2).

Instead, we’re doing a soft launch – which means it’s done and dusted already! Consider the novel hereby launched. It’s available now for purchase through Amazon, DriveThruFiction*, the author’s website or here!

* And by ‘available now’ what we mean is, we’ve clicked on the ‘make public’ button and now have to wait 3 days for the system to make it available. So it should be there by Tuesday Aug 8, hopefully.

The next novel will have a proper launch party, in Jan 2024.

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