Griffons in Pathfinder 2


Our very first role-playing supplement is live and available for purchase: Guardian Griffons of the Tower for the Dead.

This is an adventure module for 4- 6 characters of level 4, and includes Ancestry and Heritage rules for making griffon characters for Pathfinder Second Edition. It is a self-contained scenario which could be fitted into any world or setting that includes griffons and undead (yes, that was a hint as to the content) – or it could be easily modified to run with regular humanoid characters.

The scenario includes 3 new spells, 4 unique magical items, a variety of creatures to challenge your players, and the option for a cinematic chase scene (with rules for cinematic chases). It also includes the rules for creating Griffon characters, including four Griffon heritages and 3 new ancestry feats.

As a bonus, the rules for creating griffon characters in Pathfinder Second Edition are available separately for download, free of charge! (There are also rules for creating Griffon characters in Pathfinder 1 and 5E)

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